Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wilma - Ten Years Later

"Sherman, I heard Dad talking about Wilma, who is Wilma."

"Gemini, my dear girl, Wilma is not a who, Wilma is a what.  Dad is talking about Hurricane Wilma and how it turned his world upside down.  Essex told me about the impacts of Wilma and her efforts to keep Dad sane."

"What did Wilma do, Sherman?"

"Wilma brought a lot of flood waters to Key West on 24 October.  We were luck in that our house took only four inches inside.  It was enough to make Dad throw away his geology books, some baseball cards and furniture away.  The house used to have wall to wall carpeting, the storm surge water took care of that.  Dad spent a lot of time cutting carpet and throwing it away.  All the houses in Key West had mounds of trash in front of them."  

"How did Essex keep Dad sane?  That seems like a really big job for a collie."

"Sweet Gemini, she kept him sane by making him do every day things.  The daily walks, playing, feeding and the fact she stayed by his bed for several weeks after they returned home all played a part.  Having to do daily things gave their lives a sense of normalcy.  This was really important for Dad"  

"Bowsers, I am proud of Essex.  She sure helped Dad out a lot."

"Yes, she did and we do the same thing for him.  We introduce him to new people.  We make hard days easier on him. Gemini there are a couple post about Hurricane Wilma in our blog.  It impacted how Dad looks at a lot of things.  Two of the links are below." 

Dad comes over and hugs both of us.  We love him back and he smiles.  All is well in our world.  Dad knows if another Wilma ever visits us, that we will keep him sane.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini


Cowspotdog said...

we are sure hoping the weather stays calm for the rest of the year :)

Jake of Florida said...

We didnlt have the flooding inside our house, but outside all was a mess and it took weeks before everything was back to normal. Jakey and I had a ball peeing on all the downed palm fronds and we went for very long walks with our humans in our darkened neighborhood.

But I don't want to see another one, doG willing!

Just Harry

Sheltie Times said...

Dogs keep us sane.

Dawn said...

Lets hope no more Wilmas ever visit the Keyes!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

It's been a quiet several yrs since then. Blame it literally on El Nino. The Bermuda High is positioned differntly because of it, steering hurricanes away from FL.

I know and understand 100% what u mean about yur animals keeping u sane and anchored to life, on an even keel. Thx to Essex and Deacon keeping u sane in the past. Here's to Sherman and Gemini keeping up the tradition.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Yur awesome Milton Bradley HIT THE BEACH board game bit the dust, but yur potted pineapples outside by the pool lived on :-)