Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Busy Week

The last couple days have just flown by us.  We were going to post yesterday, but didn't.  Stories to relay.

Cousin Clyde had an operation on his back leg yesterday.  He is home and recovering.  The operating vet said Clyde was in good condition.  He needs rest to recover and to follow an exercise routine to recover.    The Doctor thinks Clyde has several good years left in him.  Clyde is happy to be home with his hoomans.  We sure hope is around several more years, because we loved hearing stories of Essex and Deacon.
Clyde is Recovering From Leg Surgery
We received a P-Mail from Gemini's sister Shannon at Holmhaven.  She had puppies in May and one of her son's will be staying at Holmhaven.  That is him below, he sure is a handsome fella.  The thought of him being at Holmhaven makes us smile.
Shannon's Son
Meeting pups at Angel Paws have been hit and miss.  Sometimes there are pups are there, other time no paw.  We didn't get to go yesterday because it rained.  We got a walk instead, sigh.  Dad did tell us stories about Uncle Deacon and Essex, because it would have been Deacon's eleventh barkday on 12 July.  We kept Dad busy, so he didn't dwell on Deacon.  Many of the stories Dad told us made us laugh.  We both wish we could have met Deacon before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Angel Collies Deacon and Essex Watch Over Our Pack
Yesterday got busy with Dad working, the computer having problems downloading pictures since the up grade to windows 10.  Then Brudder called and then his sister called about Clyde.  Before you knew it the day had  passed.  We both fell asleep next to Dad's bed, happy to be home with our Dad.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


M. K. Clinton said...

Hello! It is so nice to meet you. All Things Collie introduced me to you. ☺

Dawn said...

Glad the surgery went well for your cousin Clyde! We hope he has many many good years coming too! You two are going to have to get Dog-Dad out to the park more often...even in the rain. Rain is cool, literally, and it's been so hot we didn't mind when we got a whole week of it here in Michigan. Mama just got back home and Katie says she hasn't been to the park in we need to get going!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

We miss our best boy Deac. What a collie he was! Can't believe he would be 11 if he were still here. And Mr. Clyde is getting up there too, and just like people when they get older, he's having mobility issues. Hopefully the surgery will help him out. I see laying on yur belly with back legs flat on the floor is running in the family....Gem does that too. Silly pups!

Collie222 said...

Everything ok? We noticed you haven't posted in awhile.