Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 - Angel Paws Regulars

We finally got Dad to bring his camera and take some pawtographs of the new pups showing up at Angel Paws.  We still see Kira and Bo too.

First there is Sol and Luna, they are American Eskimo dogs.  Sol is the bigger of the two and plays with Gemini.  Usually Luna doesn't want to play with Gemini, but today was an exception.  We are hoping that Luna is finally getting use to Gemini.
Luna and Sol 
Next is Ellie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.  She is used to both of us.  She will let Sherman know if he does something wrong.  Ellie will get up on people and loves chasing balls.  Dad told us she reminded him of Ollie.  Many dog moons ago in the year 2009, Ollie would play with Deacon.  Dad smiled a lot when he told us about Ollie, Essex and Deacon.
The last new regular we will talk about is a Bloodhound named Houser.  Houser likes to bark at golf carts and skateboards.  So he sometimes helps Sherman do Fence Patrol  Neither is obsessed with Fence Patrol as Essex.
Our land line isn't working.  We called the phone company and they are working on it.  If need be they will send a phone pawson to our home Thursday.  Dad used the phone check box and there is no signal coming from outside the house.
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


Sheltie Times said...

Your Angel Paws stories always sound like such fun. Best wishes with the phone for Dog Dad.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Wowzers, so many new friends, so little time, right? What's a dog to do? BOL ;-) Glad there's an influx of new paws. I remember the blogs within the last couple yrs when it was posted that nopaw was there and the park was empty. Good deal now!!! Hope yur phone problem gets fixed. It's happened a couple times before. Maybe the wire from the pole to the house needs replacing. That's what we did here to fix problems. Just a thought :-)

Dawn said...

Wow, look at all those new friends! I always think how fun it would be to visit your Angel Paws park! Glad some of them will play with you too! Katie isn't much of a playing kind of dog...and she stays pretty much to herself. But she still likes visiting a Paw Park because of all the delicious smells.