Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A New Leash In Life

Cyber-paw pals Gemini's flexi leash died yesterday morning.  Dad put it on Gemini, out the door we went and the leash decided not to retract back.   We walked about ten yards and Dad said this isn't going to work, because we kept getting tangled in the leash.  In we went and out came the long orange leash.  Dad put in on Gemini and we went for our walk.
Old Leash Is Kaput
Dad went to work, and on the way back got a new flexi and some dog treats.  Gemini got to try the new leash this morning.  Gemini loved being on a flexi leash again.  We only use the flexi on walks. 

Well time fur Dad to put things together fur going to work.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Good Lord, those things never last very long anymore. At least it didn't break like Essex's leash did many posts (years) ago when she went running around the neighborhood until u caught her. That was scary. I guess u can b thankful that didn't happen to Gem. I did my PetSmart shopping leash, but the kitters got some new catnip & lobster treats and they almost freaked out! Never had them before, was a new flavor. Warming up here. Had a high of 58F with tons of warm sun....heatwave!!! BOL ;-)

Dawn said...

Getting warm up here in Michigan too..high of 50 something yesterday. But cold and rainy today. Can't complain, it's not snow! Glad you got a new leash. We stick with the old fashioned 6 foot leather leash for Miss Katie. We never got the hang of those flexi leashes.