Friday, June 5, 2020

Sherman Would Have Been Nine

Bowsers, it is hard to believe that Uncle Sherman would have been nine years old today.   Dad and I miss the big guy.  He was special since the day he was born.  He had a huge hole to fill with the tragic passing of Deacon.   
Sherman's First Week In Key West
Fort Sherman (Under The Table)
I followed him around when I first met him at Holmhaven.  Then when I came home to Key West, Sherman and I played.  We ran, chased and would tussle.  Dad would laugh as Sherman rolled on his back and I would bounce on top of him. 
On The Road To Key West
Making Plans In Fort Sherman
Following Sherman Around Our Yard
Sharing Our Dog Bed
Happy Barkday Sherman, Dad and I love you.  We know you, Essex and Deacon and watching over the pack.

Dog Speed,


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StevieGrrrWonder said...

They leave us much too soon....