Sunday, January 17, 2021

800th Post

Bowser, it is hard to believe that we made it to 800 posts.  We are glad to announce on this special post, that our beloved Angel Paws has reopened.  Once more the collie paws touch those howled grounds.  We were happy to see the park.  Yesterday, it was only us and Ruby.  Today, Norm's favorite pal, Luna, was there.  So lots of chasing and playing.  Dad didn't spend as much time as usual because the football games were on.  Below are some pawtographs of us and some of the things that are in the park.
Gemini Sitting Pretty
Normandy Exploring 
The entrance to the park has gravel instead of dirt.  So it looks a lot nicer.
Gravel Path and Inside the Pen
New Sign
Probably the most important thing they added to the park is a place fur P-Mail.
A Place Fur P-Mail
Below are some of the agility set.  Dad will have to bring some treats to see if we will do any of them.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

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StevieGrrrWonder said...

800 posts??? Only 200 to go until 1000!! Bark on!!!!! Glad the park reopened for visitors once again. Liked all the pics, especially the P-mail fire hydrant! BOL The new agility equipment will be useful for extra exercise and learning new skills and tricks. I like the small, fenced-in enclosure before entering the park. It's good for not letting other dogs in the park out when you're trying to enter. Normandy sure got bigger....he must be full-grown now. Love seeing him grow up. Gem is her usual even-keel, mellow self, it seems 😊