Monday, January 11, 2021

Angel Paws Closed This Week

 We came into Angel Paws today and saw this sign.  Our beloved park is  closing for the week.  They are doing some renovations at the park.  While we are happy about the renovations, we will miss going to Angel Paws.  

Angel Paws will be closed Tuesday and reopen Saturday
The past month there have been a lot of pups at the park.  Dad is socially distancing from the other hoomans, while we play.  Norm will play with the other pups, while Gem will bark at every paw.  We with both bother Dog Dad when it is time to go to the park.  Below are two pawtographs taken at Angel Paws.  The first one we are all playing.  Gemini barks at everypaw, while the rest of us play.  Axel will play with us sometimes.

Gemini, Axel, Normandy, Luna & Bear

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Thank God for good friends and buddies during these Covid19 times. It helps us keep our sanity! Our dog park near Walmart closed, but not for renovations. There had been a few confirmed Coronavirus cases reported by users of the park, so county officials have closed it for everyone's safety and health. However, it seems most people were not at the park, but were out spending their $600 stimulus checks based on the voluminous number of people at stores and restaurants this past week. People r letting their guards down....this worries me.

Stay safe!!! Keep yur social distance, wear a mask, don't touch yur eyes/nose/mouth, wash yur hands and use ample amounts of hand sanitizer 😊😊😊

Dawn said...

You'll miss it but it will be Saturday before you know it and you can all enjoy the newly renovated park!

Dawn said...

It looks like fun, you guys! Did you play on any of the agility stuff yet?