Wednesday, October 13, 2021

13 October 2021

 Dad was in a good but wistful mood this morning.  We knew he was thinking of Essex because she was born 18 years ago today.  Dad normally smiles when he thinks about her.  Today was no exception.  He talked a little about Essex while we were walking.  How she would lag behind, until we were on the way back home.  Then she would be out in front, leading the way to her home.
Essex - January 2008
Dad came home early today. The spirit of Essex must of been at work because the internet went down at work.  Since Dad and his friends couldn't do anything, they were let off early.  We were happy to have extra time with our favorite pawson.  
Essex Talking to a Little Birdie
We hope they everyone had a pawsome day.  That they remembered the their paw pals past and made memories with paw pals present.  When Dad goes to bed tonight, he'll give us a big hug and we'll lick his face.  We'll tell the spirits of Essex, Deacon and Sherman not to worry.  That we will protect Dad while he sleeps tonight.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

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StevieGrrrWonder said...

I was just thinking that at the beginning of the month when I was looking at my list while writing birthday cards out. Essex's name is crossed out, but I said to myself that she'd be 18 if she were still living. Time flies by super fast. I remember taking Essex & Deacon for walks when I visited years ago...Deacon in front, Essex behind, and I was pickle-in-the-middle! BOL🤣 Those 2 were sure characters, each in their own way. Very lovable pups! Glad u got home early from work. Unexpected things like that are always a welcome treat. I would've taken a nap! BOL☺ Sheesh am I tired today...cut the grass and then got rained on while finishing weed-whacking. At least it's done. Only a few more cuts, and then it's the holidays with Christmas cards, baking, get-togethers and parties, good food, laughter and fun. Of course, there's snow shoveling too.....ugghhhhhh!!!!! BOL🤣