Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ian Update

Cyber Paw Pals,

Some downed palm fronds, coconuts and some broken umbrella trees was all Herricane Ian did to us.  We were very fortunate.  Key West did not evacuate, and we stayed in our house.  We heard a lot of wind, but not much lightning.  The biggest issue seemed to be from getting storm surge and having the King Tides.  King Tides is a lunar thing, that results in a higher high tide.  
Gemini Resting On The Couch

Normandy Chills Under The Table
Dad watched the weather channel, while Gemini rested on the couch and Normandy was under the table.  We got several walks but didn't get to go to our beloved Angel Paws.  We will give you an update on how the park faired, when we get a chance to go over there.

Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy


StevieGrrrWonder said...

So glad u didn't get any real big damage except for a bit of wind and cosmetic damage along with the usual flooding rains from a hurricane....but the house stayed dry on the inside! Post pictures of Angel Paws when u can. Praying for the west-central coast of Florida. Those guys got hit really hard by the Cat 4 forces of Hurricane Ian.

Dawn said...

How is your Angel Park? Hope things are OK with all of you!

Dawn said...

You guys OK? I hope so. And I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.