Thursday, December 29, 2022

Pele Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

Pele crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  The name brings back memories of High School and College.  Dad remembers reading about him in High School.  After Dad graduated from High School, Dad watched him play for the NY Cosmos on TV.  Pele's coming to the US brought soccer to the nation's conscience.  
Dad managed to convince Grand Paw to take him to watch the Cleveland Professional soccer team when he was in High School.  The team was named the stars and was later named the Cobras.  Below is a sticker with the Stars logo and a Cobras logo.  There was no soccer team at his high school, but one of the reasons Dad chose the college he went to was that they had a geology program, and they had a soccer team.  It was a silly reason to choose a school, but no one has ever said a High School student normally make logical decisions.  Dad was never a very good soccer player, but he always tried his best.   That trait of to keep trying has served Dad well.  As for the collies, Normandy's favorite toy is a felt squeaky mini-soccer ball.
Cleveland Stars

Cleveland Cobras
The world will miss Pele.  He influenced a lot of people during his lifetime.  Soccer couldn't have had a better ambassador.  

Dog Speed,

Dog Dad

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StevieGrrrWonder said...

I remember Pele very well, even though I was only a youngster starting grade school. He was the talk of the town, a chance for America to diversify it's interest in sports from American Football to the Fútball the rest of the world watched, which, in my opinion, is much more emotional and has very fervent & coloful patrons. I only remember the name/logo of the Cleveland Cobras, not the Cleveland Stars. It is true, we will all miss Pele. May his legacy and memory live on in furure young men and women who share the Fútball bug 😊