Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dog Park Incident

Our friend PJ got in a fight at the dog park today. A pit bull named Cesar got into it with him. Cesar sometimes stops by the park and normally acts goofy bouncing all over the place. We tried to join in the fray but Dad grabbed our collars. It took a little while for Cesar's owner to get him and PJ separated. Our friend Roxy was there when that happened too. Everyone scattered afterwards. Dad drove PJ and his Mom home because they had walked to the dog park. It was getting dark, so it was hard to tell how bad PJ was hurt. It didn't seem life threatening, but he may have to spend time away from the dog park. This is the first time Cesar ever got in a fight at the park. Hopefully we can get an update and let our cyber-paw pals know how PJ is doing tomorrow.

Dog speeed,

Essex and Deacon
Our pal PJ


Jake of Florida said...

Sorry to hear about PJ. And we wonder what got into Cesar. Sometimes the slightest thing will get me and Just Harry going, and we don't really mean it. For example, twice now, just here at home, we were walking together with Dogdad and we saw another dog. Both of us wanted to go over to play with him, and we snarled and jumped on each other to see who would be the one. Rember the gulls in "Finding Nemo?" "Mine!! Mine!! Mine!!!

Needless to say Dogdad was not very happy that we put on such an embarassing spectacle in front of others. Our point: something must have triggered Cesar's reaction and we hope neither dog has to suffer because of it.


Islay said...

I sure hope everything will be all right - dogfights are not good things, but you know they're sometimes unavoidable - sort of like humans and their duelling!

Hey you pretty collies and all dogs everywhere - sorry this is such short notice, but Momo-cat and I are having a big picnic at Sydney University from now until late, so please stop by - there are lots of things to eat, places to sniff and lie and things to piddle on!

Come to:

-Licks & Slobbers

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