Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Free Wheeling Bobby

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby on Wheels

Essex and Deacon, howl are you two young uns. I’ve hope your Thanksgiving was as grrrrreat as mine. The weather is getting colder in Kansas. My Dog Mom and Dad got me a little jacket to wear and a heated bed too. They are so good to me. I decided to sleep inside last night because it was so cold. Before long the snow will be falling on the ground. I was told we will be going to Louisiana and warmer weather for Essexmas.

I can’t say it enough, but these wheels are pawtastic. I can patrol the perimeter of our six acres of land with Dog Mom and Dad, just like I did before my back legs started giving me problems. It feels good to be able to sniff around and find out what has been going on. Life is good.

My parents, especially my Dog Mom keeps telling me how happy I in make her feel. I hope they know that I appreciate everything they do. It is truly wonderful to have such loving parents. We all miss Mac at times, and I feel they miss him more than I do. Maybe I’ll take some time and tell you a few of tell you some of the adventures that Mac and I had. You can even post my stories on your blog if you like.

Bark at you later. Essex, make sure to keep your nephew Deacon out of trouble.

Woofs and Sniffs

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby


Urban Smoothie Read said...

happy thanksgiving to u...

did u enjoy some turkey??

i bet uncle bobby love his wheels very much

Islay said...

Wow - you collies get letter from your rellies! and pretty good ones, too! Looks like your Uncle is really pulling his weight now - I can really sympathise with him, though, as my back legs have been giving me trouble lately, too (never been the same since that paralysis tick incident 18mos ago). They are getting lazy, and it's encouraging to see an old timer having great new times - fab post!

licks & slobbers

Tatum Tot said...

Wow those wheels are super neat! I wonder if I could get some... then I could tear around the back yard with wheels... you are very handsome, I would love to play with you!