Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike Evacuation

Dog Dad is drying off from taking a shower. He has a few things to unplug and will be raising the computer off the ground. Then it is off to Orlando.
Our anxiety is lower and we've prepared our best. We hope to be able to get together with our paw pals at Angel Paws to play after this is over. Things are looking better for us, but we wish that Ike would weaken.

Dog Speed,
Essex & Deacon

Sattelite Photo of Ike

Ike's Projected Path


Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Stay SAFE!

Jake of Florida said...

We thought things sounded a little better for you all -- until we heard the mandatory evacuation order.

Stay safe -- and dogspeed!!

Jake and Just Harry

Questdriven said...

Stay safe and good luck.
Our mistress had to evacuate from Floyd once.

Urban Smoothie Read said...

i hope ike will go away soon

Anonymous said...

We never met an Ike and since he's making dogdad worried and you two leave your house for a while, we think he must not be a dog. Maybe Ike is a cat?

We hope you stay safe and that your belongings are all intact and dry when you come back.

Wuf Ya - Gomer, Opie (and Floyd and DogMom, too)

KA Consultant said...

BE safe!! I enjoyed your post. We all hope Ike just goes away.
Thanks for sharing. - helping the Gulf Coast 3 years later

Mack said...

Please stay safe guys, we are all thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

Be safe and scare the Ike away!

Licks n Wags,

Unknown said...

We hope the surge and wind spared your property. It looked pretty rugged in the Keys from last night's news ... we haven't even gotten a shower, so everyone here is feeling very very fortunate. On Sunday, we saw lots of little places here actually putting up plywood. Not silly -- always better safe than sorry, right?

Welcome home!

Islay said...

I hope you fastened all of your toys down! You are so lucky to have so many good friends - it makes these things easier to handle. You're two good dogs, though, so I know you will stay by your human. Good luck and come home soon - and safe!