Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shark Attack

This is an amazing true story cyber-paw pals. This is about a Rat Terrier named Jake and his Dog Dad. You may have seen it on CNN today. Last Friday, 26 September, Jake was out for a little ocean swim. Suddenly a five foot shark attacks from below. Jaws open wide and just about all of Jake is in the sharks mouth. Well, his Dog Dad dove into the water and hit the shark like a battering ram with his hands.

Jake had some puncture wounds from the incident but is recovering well. Join us in a toast of Pawsters and a Kennel Brew. "Here is to Jake's Dad, one brave hooman. Woof, woof, Aroooo."

Click here to read the article in Miami Herald.

Click here to watch the CNN story.

Absolutely Pawsome,

Essex & Deacon


Lacy said...

w00f's KW's, wow, me just seed that on the news....they said he wood b ok, that is pawsome..dats true love fur ur furkid...mama wood do dat too, me thinks...

b safe,

Unknown said...

We heard that story on the news -- incredibly brave man-Dad! Guess it just wasn't that shark's day to tangle with a doglover!

Anonymous said...

Hi Essex and Deacon,

Thanks for sharing the story. The humans were really brave to protect their dog-friend by fighting the shark. I've seen sharks on TV, and they are real scary!

I've a confession to make...I am feeling a bit guilty about your clock oodget being delayed...but the clocks are artworks and Mercury needs to feel good and happy while creating those - she's been very very busy of late and while she's does some rough drawings, she's saving your clock for a holiday (which may be tomorrow:)) Your clock is sketched, scanned, and outlined - and I really like the way it looks. And I hope you like butterflies because there's one sitting on your clock.

If your humans are politically inclined, you may bring them along to my blog - there's a voting machine for them and they can vote (McCain vs. Obama)...seriously...well, if you've ever known me to be serious about anything:)

PS: I think I should swing back into the average-action kind of blogger for October and be back to my normal self by December...just wanted to let you know...(I know, I've got some incorrect notions about my own importance...Am I not Oorvi the Megalomaniac?!)

Licks n Wags,

Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

I guess just instinct took over and the guy said-oh no you don''t! Guess it startled the shark so much he did not know what to do!!