Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goodbye Gomer

Our cyber-paw pal, Gomer has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Who is Gomer, you ask? When we joined DWB, Dogs’ Aye View with Opie & Gomer was a pawsome blog. They helped other animals. Since both our parents grew up in Ohio, they quickly became friends. We think this because people from Ohio are called Buckeyes and that is a nut.

Gomer, being the funny dog

Gomer’s future Dog Mom met him at a dumpster in Guadalupe, Arizona in late April 200. Gomer and his sister were in that dumpster; as well as his Beagle mom and a brother that had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The two puppies went to “Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary” next. Sister hung on for a couple more days before crossing over. Gomer was a scrapper, though weighing only two pounds at two weeks age and being in rough shape, he survived. He went to a foster home for awhile. It took until 1 September 2000 for his hooman Mom to figure out that she was Gomer’s person.

In July 2001 Gomer convinced Dog Mom that Opie was to be part of the pack on a return visit to the Sanctuary. The three amigos left the heat and sand of Arizona for the cold and snow of Minnesota at a later date. On 29 June 2006 Gomer introduced “Dogs Aye View” to the world. On 13 November 2006 they became DWB pack member 222.

Gomer introduces "Dogs' Aye View" to Cyber-Paw Space

We found Dogs’ Aye View on 26 June 2007. The first post read was a fund raiser for less fortunate animals, we supported. On 11 November 2007 they gave us our first award. On 2 July 2008 Dogs’ Aye View started a drive for Gemi’s mouth surgery. Dogs’ Aye helped furry friends.


Their Dog Mom later had to chose a less expensive den and worked two jobs. The jobs interfered with blogging, so puter time was infrequent. Until todays post, their last post was on 4 November 2008. Since both our pawrents are nuts; they stayed in contact. Dad told us about Gomer’s four mouth surgeries over the past eight months. Gomer barked about others on the blog. The root for the tooth problems was probably the time in the dumpster.

Gomer after mouth surgery

This morning around 5 AM, Dad opened the e-barks to find one sent at 3:23 AM about Gomer. His Mom came home from work at 2 PM to find him severely jaundiced and rushed him the hospital. Looking into his eyes and using the time spent helping the local vet; she made the painful decision to let him go. At 7:15 PM on 17 August 2009, at 9 ½ years old, just short of his ninth Gotcha Day Gomer crossed the Rainbow Bridge from a quick bout of liver disease. Just recently, a post was made on their blog .


If you can, take some time

leave Opie, Floyd and their Dog Mom a note at Dogs' Aye View. While they haven’t posted much this past year, much good has been done by them. We appreciate all they have done and are proud of them as part of the DWB family. We know his Dog Mom, Opie and even Floyd the cat will miss Gomer.

Dog Speed Gomer,

Essex & Deacon


DogMom said...

Thank you, Deacon, Essex and Nutty DogDad for saying what Dogmom couldn't bring herself to say.

Wuf Ya!
Dopey Opie and Freaky Floyd

Jans Funny Farm said...

What a sad but happy story. We're so glad Gomer was rescued and had a happy life. It sounds as if he was greatly loved and will be missed. We didn't know Gomer but we went over to say good-bye.

Asta said...

Thank you collies
I nevew had the pleasoowe of meeting gomew, and it was cleawly my loss.
What a sweet bwave boy and what lovely stowy.
I am sending theiw mom and family my synpafies and love and healing smoochie kisses
I know Gomew is waiting fow all of us ovew the bwidge wif no pain and a big smile..I hope to be his fwiend someday

Mack said...

That is just so sad. But it sounds like Gomer had a wonderful life and a great momma.

Cowspotdog said...

Without a doubt Gomer will have one the best spots to snooze and enjoy his days over the rainbow bridge

Jake of Florida said...

Thank you for letting us know about Gomer. We had visited Dogs Aye View early on -- and remember how moved we were at what their Dogmom was doing for so many dogs.

We'll go over to pay our respects.

Jake and Just Harry

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

So sorry about Gomer, I will stop by to see them. Thanks for letting us know.
~lickies, Ludo