Friday, March 16, 2012

Collies' Choice

A dog moon ago, late February, we were awarded the “Collie’s Choice Award” by the Collies of the Meadow.   We are truly honored and humbled to receive this award.  We admit we liked this award when we first saw it.  We liked the award more when we started reading some of their past posts.  Their Dad like ours truly loves collies.  We found the story of Niamh especially touching.  We could tell Niamh was a pawsome collie. 

The Collies of the Meadow’s Dog Dad and our Dog Dad have  things in common.  They both love Collies and baseball.  While our Dad grew up rooting for the Red Birds and the Tribe, their Dad grew up loving the Red Birds and the Yankees.  In football they both root for the Browns and the Packers.  Both enjoy watching and reading history, especially WW II.  Both the names of Sherman and our angel collie Deacon originate from the WW II time frame.  While the Essex was built during WW II, the time frame her name really references is the Korean War.    

Their Dad asked about our cookie cutter.  We are sad to say the place we got them went out of business.  We did manage to get ourselves a Collie (top), Labrador Retriever and Border Collie cookie cutters.   Wish we had extras.  However, if you search cyber-paw space you can find some collie and other dog shaped cookie cutters.

Dog Speed, 

Essex & Sherman


Dawn said...

Excellent! SO fun when you find someone with so much in common! Good idea looking on the cyber-paw space for cookie cutters, bet they're out there somewhere just waiting to be appreciated!

Cowspotdog said...

Amazon has doggie shaped cutters - Mom got a box with 12 different breeds including a collie for $6 ! But there are MANY many laces online that sell them.

Congrats on the award and thank you for sharing one with us too :)