Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yawn - Daylight Savings Time

Yawn, we have done the great leap forward and Dog Dad looks tired.  Come sleep with us Dad, you have willing chums.  We have been busy the last several weeks.

Sherman, decided to lick himself after Dad took off the cone.  No infection but Sherman had a red belly.  The result two more days of being a cone-head.  He did beat the heck out of the e-collar.  Dog Dad had to do emergency duct tape repair.
Another Use for Duct Tape
After two more days of the cone, I finally got rid of it for good.  It was time to roam Angel Paws as a free dog.  Every thinks grew more, but Dog Dad says it is an optical illusion.  My shaved belly makes my legs look longer. 
My Shaved Belly Makes My Legs Look Longer

Sherman & Essex
We even met a new friend.  A Blue Merle Sheltie named Bandit.  He was a visiting Key West from up north.  He sure is a swell looking Sheltie, even if he is older than Essex.
Bandit the Sheltie
Bandit a Great Looking Blue Merle
 There is a plant growing in our yard.  We wonder if any of our readers can tell Sherman what type of plant is growing?
The Strange Plant
In our next post, we will have a couple of awards that we need to post about.  We haven't forgot about them, we are just slow.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Dianne SS said...

We know just how Dog Dad feels--we are tired here too! We don't like Daylight Savings Time--we don't need it up here because we get lots of daylight in the summer, up to 16 hours!! We could use it in the winter though, when it gets dark way too early!! Sherman is almost looking like a smooth collie--tee hee!! We think the plant is a pineapple!! Yummy!!

Duffy and Dianne

rottrover said...

We think the plant is a pineapple, too! We LOVE daylight savings time. We don't have to start our walk in the middle of the afternoon in order to be home before dark!!

-Bart and Ruby

Jans Funny Farm said...

No wonder Jan is so tired and grumpy today. She didn't finish a project till late and had to wake up early.

The shaved belly does make Sherman's legs look longer. More noticeable with Essec and Sherman in the same photo.

Kess And Her Mama said...

Cones are no fun, so I don't blame Sherman for trying to get it off. Glad that Sherman is all better now.

Dawn said...

Glad you're permanently rid of that cone!!! And the blue Merele Bandit is beautiful..umm....HANDSOME!

Is that a pineapple we see?

We hate going back on daylight savings time too. We are too tired! Katie even slept till the alarm went off this morning. Mama did too. Sigh.

Cowspotdog said...

Wow look at you Sherman - you are getting your big boy rough around your neck. How cool to finally get rid of that cone - we never had to wear them. Yep - that is definitely a pineapple. Mom use to grow them a lot back home in Oz

Sheltie Times said...

Still tired here. Glad to see you got the collar off. You look wonderful.

Shikota said...

Love the fur-less belly shot Sherman ;) Brudder D.