Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Busy Aprl

The last couple weeks have been busy.  First my collie pals Loki and Gracie stopped to visit 16-21 April.  We had lots of fun playing at my house and at Angel Paws Dog Park.  Loki is two, Gracie is six and I am four.  We got a pawtograph in front of the Southern Most Point in the Continental United States.  The Air Conditioner broke on Monday but was fixed on Tuesday (21 April) after my collie pals departed.
Sherman, Gracie, Loki and Dog Mom at Southern Most Point
Loki, Gracie and Me Chilling In Dad's Bedroom
Red and CC departed Key West on 10 April.  I hope to see those two old timers next year, the Great Dane willing. I know Dad will miss having their hoomans to talk with.  A black lab puppy named Rue is a frequent visitor to Angel Paws.  She is a bowl of energy.
Rue and CC Playing
Rue and I at Angel Paws
Dad was cursing at some paw named IRS until 14 April.  Then he sent an envelope in the mail.  On 15 April Dad did his yearly toast to those brave men of the Titanic.  So we have been busy.

Dog Speed,



StevieGrrrWonder said...

Finally yur dog pals from northern FL come for a visit. I know u had fun. We enjoyed all yur pics, especially the northern-most point with all the one with my dad in it somewhere taken many yrs ago before he got me. Sorry yur snowbird friends departed, but it's not so long until they return is it? Glad the AC was fixed cuz something tells me u r gonna need it this summer. I heard my dad breathing out heavily in disgust at how long it takes to do a 1040 for that IRS thing u r talking about, but he got done quicker this yr cuz he is familiar with it now that he's done it a few times. He procrastinated this yr and mailed it post-stamped by the postal clerk into the PM mail on the 15th at 3:58pm for the 4pm pickup. He says next yr he's gonna start NLT 15 March, but we'll see :-) Dad says to post a pic of that Titanic cake u made several yrs ago so I can see it. He says it was awesome! But let us take a moment to remember that event and those who perished and the better passenger safety laws that were passed for the good if us all.

Jake of Florida said...

Well, we akmost made it to Key West next week for one of Dad's projects, but he got the dates and the place mixed up so instead we'll be in Marathon this Sunday and Monday. Close, but not quite close enough!!!

Wirey woof,

Just Harry

Dawn said...

Nice to have company isn't it! Glad you were able to share your house and your Dad. Glad he got that envelope off in the mail in time too.