Sunday, April 26, 2015

CC Crossed The Bridge 23 April

I sadly report that CC crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday 23 April, while sleeping.  I knew much earlier, but Dad read the e-bark this morning.  CC may have been blind and cripple, but he was a happy dog.  He never met Great Auntie Essex, but CC wandered all around Angel Paws.  CC was the only surviving pup from his litter.  His mom had diabetes.  It was amazing to see CC get around the park and play with the other pups.
CC at Angel Paws
CC reminded Dog Dad of one of Terhune's collie, Fair Ellen.  Fair Ellen was born a blind on 25 February 1922.  After finding out Fair Ellen was blind, Terhune was going to put her out of her misery.  His wife responded "She has no misery to be put out of, she is having a beautiful time in life.  She doesn't know anything better.  She thinks everyone and everything is like herself.  Why should you kill her while she is so happy.  Wait till she finds out she is afflicted.  Is there so much happiness in the world that you should kill something that has found it?"

Fair Ellen may have been born blind, but she wandered the expanses of Sunnybank for many moons until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 1 July 1933.  Dog Dad found Fair Ellen to be the most inspirational of all of the Sunnybank Collies.

Dog Dad and I will miss CC next year.  He lived a long and happy life.  Most importantly, he was loved.

Dog Speed,



StevieGrrrWonder said...

Extend to Joel my condolences. Always sad to lose a pet, even if the animal is older and you expect it. Fair Ellen seems like a gallant collie, but, then again, all collies r awesome, aren't they? ;-)

Dawn said...

Awww. But you are right...a long and happy life, and to be loved, that's all anyone can ask.