Thursday, September 28, 2017

Busy Days

Dad has been busy the last couple days.  His neighbors gave him a hand in cutting the Brazilian Pepper Tree  to pieces.  You can see the crushed shed.  The shed is as flatter than roadkill on a busy street.    If you look at the front yard, there is a big pile of tree limbs.  Maybe somepaw thinks there is a beaver living in Key West.   
Pawsome, The Tree Is Gone
There is plenty more to do.  Dad works outside for a while, then comes in and does some indoor things.  .

Dog Speed,

Sherman, Gemini & Dog Dad


Collie222 said...

Hope the clean up goes quickly!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Watch out for that Brazilian Pepper Tree! Last time I visited and touched it, I got a large blistered rash on my leg that itched like hell. It's good u got some help cutting the tree up cuz that sucker was large and gangly. Best of luck with the clean-up and when u start back at work once again. Hug the doggies and feed them a treat for me.....and God bless!!! :-)

Dawn said...

Good that you've got a handle on what needs to be done, and that you're all able to help each other with the big (and small) stuff. You will surely miss your trees though. I'm just glad it wasn't worse at your house and that you're all safe and sound.

rottrover said...

Glad your dad can come inside to rest. We know you're snoopervising!

-Otto and Osa

Dawn said...

Been thinking about you and the gang. Hope things are getting better for you!