Sunday, September 17, 2017

Watching Maria In The Tropics

Bowsers, just when we were starting to relax, another evil tropical storm is on the horizon.  This one is Tropical Storm Maria.  We are worried, but the path is to far out to say how it will impact Florida.  We are trying to bark it away from Florida.  Sigh.
Maria, please go north and visit the Atlantic Ocean
Wish we could post pawtographs, but Dad left his connection between the computer and the camera.  We are having a blast playing in Gandalf's enormous back yard.  That yard is the size of Angel Paws.  
Dog Dad's place of work will be out of Miami for awhile.  He told us that while he is in Miami, that we will be staying with Gandalf's pack.  We thought about arguing with him, but we know he is right.  This will be tough because we don't like being away from Dad.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Slick, Rocky & Cassie will swat that evil storm into the nether-regions! More prayers :-) Ginormous backyards r fun, but we hate cutting grass. Have fun in Miami. Doggies, listen to yur new caretakers and b good! :-)

Dawn said...

Oh dear, it's hard to be separated, but at least you will know Dog-dad is safe when he's at work in Miami, and he will know you guys are safe too. That's very important, especially after all the stress you've been through. I hope you get to go all the way home soon.