Sunday, July 31, 2022

July Update - Enu - Rooster

A lot of things have happened this month and we didn’t pester Dad enough.  We’ll try to make him send out several posts this week to catch up with our reporting.  

The Key West collies have written about her collies a number of times.  Her collie Enu passed away on 13 July.  Enu was battling cancer and it was time to let him go.  Even when you know it is coming, it is hard to let pups go.  Enu was a good collie and fit in well with the household with cats.  


While waiting to get another collie, she is fostering a smooth tri-color boy named Rooster.  Rooster is not a year old yet, so he is proving to be a challenge.  He will probably be in foster care until 14 August.  The lady adopting Rooster is moving from Tampa to Tallahassee.  The lady lost her smooth coat collie earlier this year, so is very excited to having a Rooster join her pack.  


There are no senior collies to teach Rooster the way of the collie.  Rooster is finding inventive ways to make life interesting.  The cats are trying to keep Rooster in line, but we’ve never found cats to be good teachers.  We’ll try to post more later this week.  We’ll just have to pester Dad.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

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StevieGrrrWonder said...

Bowzers, we were wondering where u were.....glad to have u back!

Sorry about Enu's passing. You said "she," but never mentioned the owner's name...just wondering. It's hard to lose a loved one, whether it be a human or's just hard to let go because they become such an integral part of our lives. It's hard to let go when they've always been there for us. It's hard to let go even when we know in our hearts that it's time. Here's a prayer of healing not only for Enu, but for all of us that ever had a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, spouse, etc or beloved animal lost to the sands of eternity. I do believe the good Lord will have them in Heaven with us to keep us company...I really do believe that. Animals have such kind and pure spirits, leaps and bounds beyond that of most humans. Anyone who has experienced the love of an animal can tell u that. They love us unconditionally, as the good Lord does. I suppose u can say they have a little bit of Jesus in them because of that fact. So please be encouraged!!!

Looking forward to other future posts/reports you can manage to offer up to us. Until then, enjoy life to it's fullest in the present, without regret or looking back :-)