Friday, August 26, 2022

Happy International Dog Day & BeaDee

Happy International Dog Day to everyone out in Cyber Paw Land.  We got after Dad to post about such a special day.  First though was a visit to Angel Paws.  Not very much going on in our world.  Angel Paws is hit or miss.  We haven't had any adventures (for which Dad is thankful for). 

We want to relay some good news.  In our last post we talked about our pal Loki crossing the bridge.  Well a young collie named BeauDee came to console and live with his Mom.  BeauDee is only 14 months old.  His Mom is remembering the challenge of raising a young pup.  Below are some pawtographs of BeauDee.

BeauDee is a handsome feller, and we hope to meet him soon.  He was born in June; the month Sherman and Gemini were born.  His hobbies are eating tasty treats and chewing shoes.  

BeauDee is lucky to have such a grrrreat Mom.  Sherman told Gemini when he was a pup, that BeauDee's Mom is a little bit wacky like our Dad.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Happy Int'l Dog Day 2 u 2!!! Awesome looking pup! Hooray 4 new beginnings and decisions that touch our souls for a lifetime 😊

Dawn said...

What a handsome guy Beaudee is! I hope you guys had a fun Internaltional Dog Day!!!