Sunday, August 5, 2007

Angel Paws

I can remember the day I first saw Angel Paws. On that day instead of going for our usual walk, Dad put me in the car. I’m like okay this must be a trip to the vet. Instead we turned the opposite direction and before I knew it I was at this big grassy area with all kinds of new smells. Then other dogs arrived. Another person would throw a ball, they would chase it and I’d follow. I loved the smells and roaming around Angel Paws Dog Park. I think the dog park was made because they knew I was coming. I really liked the park and let Dad know it. What I did was whenever we made the turn on the street leading to the park I would frantically dash back and forth from the front seat to the back of the truck. I would get excited, tail swishing wildly and then I’d whimper and bark.

Oreo, the master tail biter

Snoopy, taking it easy

I made plenty of pup pals at the park. All those initial friends have moved to different cities. During my first two years in Key West, my best pals were Snoopy and Oreo. They were special and taught me doggy manners. Oreo was a frisky border collie mix; she liked to chase cats and motorcycles. She was a bundle of energy when the weather cooled off. Snoopy on the other hand was a beagle mix that reminded us of a kind hearted grumpy old man. He would do anything for dog treats. There was one amusing thing the pair did. If Snoopy was playing with another dog, Oreo would sneak behind him and bite his tail. Poor Snoopy would get mad and go after the dog in front of him. This happened time after time and Snoopy never figured out it was Oreo. Those two now live up in Jacksonville, Florida and have their own sites on Dogster. Below their pictures above is the link to their sites. Deacon has never met them, but I know he would like them.

Essex tries to get Snoopy to play

The other dog park regular was Hooter, a kind hearted yellow labrador that is six months younger than me. Hooter is a happy bouncy dog. He would always try to get me to wrestle and play. He was fun to be around but at times annoying. He visits Key West for several months during late fall and winter. We are always happy to see each other. When last I met Hooter, he was a big lab weighing in at 105 lbs. When we first met him and his Dog Mom, Deacon jumped on his Dog Mom. Hooter decided the kid needed to be taught a lesson and bounced him, BOL. I miss those three dogs, and look forward to Hooters return.

Left to right, Oreo, Hooter, Snoopy, Essex
Oreo explains the plan to Hooter, me and Snoopy

Well, enough time reminiscing about the past. We need to start nudging Dad to get ready for the Dog Park. We'll get to go in about an hour and a half, but if we annoy him enough we may leave early.

Dog Speed,



Anonymous said...

Hey there! Is it hot in Key West now? Cuz it sure is hot in MN! We thought we were the only ones that think about all our old friends in other towns... Well, not exactly the same as what you posted, but you know what we mean.

"Gimpy" Gomer and Opie


Yes, it is hot and humid here. We think of our dog park friends who have left for other places at times. When Dad travels north to Ohio, there are four or five dogs we want to see.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

We have been having so much fun every Sunday, let’s do it again!

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PerfectTosca said...

Mom won't take me to dog parks anymore because she worries about whether or not everybody else's dog has all their shots and kennel cough and stuff. She's a real paranudical! I don't care though because I got lots of land to run on right here and I have play dates.