Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Key West Collie Call

Well, we had fun this evening. We had a collie call with two collies named Lady I and Lady II at Angel Paws dog park. Both are seven year old adopted collies that were named Lady before they were adopted by a really super Dog Mom within the last year.

Lady I resting, while Deacon plays it cool.

Lady 1 a cute sweet loving sable collie pictured above. Lady 1 was put up for adoption because her family had to move and their new home wouldn’t allow pets. Lady 2, the tricolor below, was abandoned by her family and later rescued. Her hair was matted and she had a hair fungus. Both Ladies are rough collies that had to get hair cuts within the last two months. As always there is a lot of tail wagging when ever collies get together.

Lady II takes five.
Essex, ever vigilant, on fence patrol

Essex said hi quick, then went on fence patrol duty. We played for over an hour, chasing and playing. Later on PJ, Bear and Mongo showed up. PJ is the cute little Schnauzer, that thinks he is a quarterback. Bear is a fun loving Chow Chow - German Shepherd mix that had to get a hair cut, because of matted hair after staying at a kennel. Mongo is a fun loving yellow lab. We didn’t get a picture of Mongo, but we'll post one soon. We all had fun and we hope to have another collie call soon. Hopefully, Lady 1 &2 coats will look more like rough collies, instead of smooth.

PJ loves to bark at the football.

Bear sports his haircut.

Dog Speed



Urban Smoothie Read said...

so many handsome n pretty collies around...

Jake of Florida said...

Hey Key West Collies,

Looks like Dean is going to pass pretty far to the south of us -- good news, especially for you all in Key West.

Sigh of relief -- until next time, eh?

Jake and Just Harry

PerfectTosca said...

Imagine the nerve of abandoning Perfect Collies! Harumph!


Lady I gets to see her old family once in awhile. Lady II is happy to have a new forever home. We can't imagine anyone abandoning such a good dog either.

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Key West Collies,

You are so right -- Shoeless Joe Jackson should have been on our list. And we watch all baseball games over and over again -- from Field of Dreams to Major League to The Natural to -- Mom's absolute favorite -- Bull Durham.

As for basenall nuttiness: right now we cannot go to sleep until Dad finds out what his (now our) St. Louis Cardinals have done -- one game forward, two games back -- major insanity!!

Which is your team? We do weep, and sigh, and gnaw bones over our poor Marlins.)

Jake and Just Harry