Sunday, August 12, 2007

Origin of Fence Patrol

Essex racing down the fence line

Why did I start doing fence patrol? It started one sunny evening at Angel Paws Dog Park. Dad was still a rookie dog owner. We stopped by Angel Paws Dog Park and saw a lady and two dogs sitting down. We came inside, the lady didn’t say anything and Dad let me off the leash. I rushed over to say hi. Well, these dogs were pit bulls; and the female was in heat.

Rule 6 - Don't Bring Female Dogs in Season

Next thing Dad knew, I was trying to escape, yelping as the two dogs were bouncing me from either side. Dad rescued me and the lady got hold of her dogs. Now I didn’t get bitten, but I was scared pretty good. After that I started playing less and less with the other dogs. Instead I became Essex, Protector of the Dog Park, the fence patrol collie.

In action bouncing off an "Essex Berm"

Giving the offender my best herding bark

I would patrol the fence line, barking at golf carts, joggers, bicycles, diesel truck, RVs, and other things. I generally never chased cars though. People driving past call my name, thump their doors, honk their horn and speed up their vehicles, so I will give chase. I go flying down the end, skid and bounce around barking at the corner of the fence. After three years I’ve built the Essex Berms at both ends, so I can quickly change directions. You can see a well worn path from my fence patrol mission. Dad shakes his head at times, telling people he has to watch me. He states “Essex will let other dogs drink her water, eat her treats, but is territorial about her fence patrol.” Heck, I even bounce Deacon if he tries to join in.

One of two "Essex Berm"

Watching and waiting near my path

Dog Speed



PerfectTosca said...

Wow you are one cool Fence Patroler! I love patrolling perimeters! It must be a Collie thing for sure! I'm glad those dogs didn't hurt you though. You just give me a bark when you need help!

Eddie N Peaches said...

Good Jog at Fence Patrol, Essex. We think they should give you a special badge to wear. Maybe an official vest with reflector tape or something.
Whooofs & Barooooos,
Eddie N Peaches

Eddie N Peaches said...

OOps, we meant "Good JOB".
Darn paw pads. I think we need our toenails trimmed.
Eddie & Peaches

Jake of Florida said...

Yep, Mom is starting to pay attention to the tropics too! Hope I don't have to face a storm with this silly chapeau on my head.

Stay cool, guys, you are collies and you do courageous things and will be a big help to your dad if the storm takes aim!!

Just Harry

PS Mom saw your entry about Albert Payson Terhune and remembered that she read all his books when she was a little girl. Are they still in print?