Friday, January 28, 2011

The Challenger

Smoke plume from the Challenger from Wikipedia

28 April 1986 , 25 years ago today, the space shuttle Challenger broke apart. Dad was a young man living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The launch was a media event because a teacher named Christa McAuliffe was going into outer space. Dad watched the launch on TV at his home. He remembers watching the Challenger take off, rise in the air, go high in the sky and then it was no more. Dog Dad later found out Judith Resnik, the female astronaut, on the flight was a cousin to a good friend and fellow Geology major and teaching assistant, that he went to school with at the University of Toledo. Dad told us his friend was a good man and he felt for him. However, many miles separated them and there was little he could do for him.

The disaster was not expected because of the glowing safety record of NASA. A nation was in stunned, this wasn't supposed to happen. The investigation and news that came out did not paint glowing picture of NASA.

Three days later at a memorial service for the astronauts, President Reagan said, "Sometimes, when we reach for the stars, we fall short. But we must pick ourselves up again and press on despite the pain." We guess that sums up what Dog Dad's parents taught him. To pick himself up and press on.

So today we remember those who went before us. We honor those who dared greatly, some of whom never returned to those that loved them. Rest in peace the crew of Challenger, you are not forgotten.

Dog Speed and God Bless,

Essex, Deacon & Dog Dad too.


Jans Funny Farm said...

A beautiful post!

Jake of Florida said...

Thanks for remembering. Mom recalls that she was in her car going to meet a friend for lunch when she heard the news. At the memorial yesterday, the wife of one of the astronauts said that it was important we keep positive life lessons in mind when we think about those brave souls who perished in the Challenger disaster. But it's so so sad.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Dawn said...

I was a manager at a bank, and a customer came in and told us. We were stunned, like every body. I don't think we'll ever forget them.

Anonymous said...

The Mum remembers that. She said she was at the University of Utah and the whole big main hall was packed around the TV and that she was really sad.

She likes space anyway though!