Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silly Hooomans

A couple of weeks ago there was an incident at Angel Paws. No one was hurt, there was no growling or dog blood. There was shouting, excited hooomans and adult hooomans behaving like third graders. For the purpose of this post we will refer to the Dog Dad of Chase & Hunter as C&HD.

Us and Dog Dad were at Angel Paws with Hunter, Chase & their Dad. A lady comes into the dog park with her two small dogs. She is carrying the one dog in her arms. Cyber-Paw pals, what do most dogs do in this situation? Yep, they jump up and try to see the other dog. This freaks out the lady a little. C&HD suggests the lady puts the dog down. Well, the dog rolls over and Hunter and Chase try to sniff it. The timid little dogs tries to run away with Hunter and Chase deciding it is time to play chase and trying to sniff the little dog's butt. This freaks the lady out even more.

Voices are raised, Chase & Hunter are accused of being ill behaved aggressive dogs. This is the first we have ever heard of aggressive butt sniffing. The lady and C&HD are yelling at each other, C&HD is swears at the Lady, the Lady is hostile and egging C&HD on. Chase goes by the little dog and the Lady takes a swing at him. Words even got more heated C&HD was so mad that he was shaking.

When we got back home, Dog Dad said the whole situation reminded him of kids in third grade. Two adults that should of known better wouldn't let the situation calm down. The little dog was evidently not socialized because it was so afraid of the other dogs.

We can see Dog Dad shaking his head on the way back home, muttering "silly hooomans."


Dawn said...

Silly hoomans indeed! Everyone should know at a dog park that there will be butt sniffing!

Kess And Her Mama said...


Mack said...

Some moms are just way too overprotective!

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Very silly! Some people do not understand us dogs at all.

Asta said...

We've had this happen at ouw wun too..that lady should leawn mowe about doggies and behave hewself..stoopid of hew to behave like wondew thewe wewe wowds exchanged
smoochie kisses

Lacy said...

w00fs, dont her know u not pose to carry a doggie into a dog park...thats how us puppies get to know each other, we sniff butts...

b safe,

Oorvi said...

Silly hoomans abound. Imagine being freaked out because somedog sniffed your precious butt! Only a human can be so possessive of his butt...right?

Wise wags,

Anonymous said...

Ugh! That is a silly lady! Everydog knows that a dog in arms is just being held up there to be sniffed! We do that when we get our weigh ins, because the Dad picks us up and stands on the scale. So the rest of us sniffs!