Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Very Brave Collie

Our Shirt-Tail Cousin Tosca
We received this e-bark from Tosca's Mom way back in August, just a couple days after it happened. We barked at her to post it, but that hasn't happened. We have decided to post the e-bark we received back then of a truly amazing story of a very brave collie girl from a very loving, proud and lucky Dog Mom.
Essex & Deacon
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I hope all is well with you. I just lose track of time these days. Thank you for always thinking of me! Kiss T's cousins on the nose for me!

Alas, T and I are recovering from a trauma. Let me share with you an email I sent to her breeders today.

Dear Kay and Dan,

On Thursday, August 19, while I was getting ready to take Tosca inside after our walk, we were attacked by two pit bulls. At this point, I want to ease your minds and let you know that both I and Tosca are fine. Thanks to Tosca.

The first dog was loose and the second one was dragging a woman toward us. They both belonged to one of the two women who were "walking" them. The loose dog arrived in a flash before I even saw him coming. I tried to run up the steps with Tosca, but the dog jumped on her. I kicked the dog in the stomach,and tried to put myself between him and my dog. But Tosca wasn't going to back down. Meanwhile the second dog arrived with an out of control woman at the end of the leash. Now both dogs were after Tosca. They knocked me over and I took a dive on the pavement. I let go of Tosca's lead, because I realized there was no hope for her as a sitting duck for these two freaks. In the meantime, the witnesses piled up. The one woman was still holding the lead of one of the dogs but it was hopeless. He was just dragging her around. Tosca suddenly showed me what herding is all about. She dodged and weaved. She circled me while I was on the ground, refusing to let them near me. They were snapping at her rump and neck but she was too fast for them to lock their rotten jaws onto her. Once I got up, she took the fight to the grass. I kicked one of them in the head and it started to come for me and Tosca literally threw herself at him and distracted him. They kept trying to get her throat and she wouldn't let them. She was covered with their spit at her neck and rump and her fur was hanging from their mouths, but never once could they lock on her. The fight was going on for too long. I went down again. These beasts were truly freaks and the two women who "owned" them were useless. Tosca managed to draw blood on one of them, but she kept dancing and turning on a dime. Mostly she was focused on the loose dog because he had the most mobility. Three calls were made to 911 but the cops never seemed to arrive. I had resigned myself that my dog was going to die because I knew she couldn't keep this up and these dogs were far too strong for me. I decided to go inside and get my gun to kill them both when my neighbor, bless him, ran out of the house with a baseball bat and cracked it in half on one of the dogs' heads. The dog staggered but didn't fall, but he was just disoriented enough for a break. My neighbor grabbed the stricken loose dog's collar and then he grabbed the leash of the other dog from the woman and yelled GET TOSCA IN THE HOUSE! I ran up the steps with Tosca and got her inside in just the nick of time. Both dogs had broken loose and ran up the steps and were trying to go thru the glass to get to Tosca. It was at this point that I smashed a stone planter onto the back of one of the dogs and the other dog bit its owner.The planter slowed the dog down considerably, thank God. Now there were two pitties, one had a bat cracked over his head and another had a solid stone planter dropped on his back and they were both still standing. I told them to get their animals the **** off my porch and I not to move because I was pressing charges, and if they lunge at anyone I was going to slit one of their throats with the razor sharp garden slicer I had on my porch. I threw a hammer I had in my garden kit to my neighbor "just in case" he needed it.

Now for the amazing part. Tosca was magnificent, and I don't know if this has EVER happened before, but every single witness to this event would tell you that a Collie got the best of TWO pitbulls. And the best part: She had no injuries. Next morning, I woke up stiff, but Tosca just smiled and said Okay let's have breakfast.

Next, I brought her to the vet and the Vet did a full exam. We looked everywhere for even a laceration. None. He did some gyrations with her neck to make sure her spine wasn't injured. Overall, except for her furs being messed up, she was in the same condition she was in before the dogs attacked her. Or as one of my neighbors pointed out, "I guess all those Lassie stories are really true". A visitor to my next door neighbor's home got out of his car yesterday and said, Hey! Is that the Collie who took down the two pitties??". Tosca just smiled, as usual.

The vet said he was sure that heavy coat didn't hurt. Laughing here. She was the buzz of the vet clinic. People were congratulating her and telling her what a good dog she is. She got some handmade dinosaur biscuits to take home. And well........I am just so darned proud of my Collie Dog Tosca.

Tosca is now a neighborhood hero. The kids who love her, even the ones she has met on walks, stopped by and were all over her telling her how cool she is and one little girl cried at the thought that her Tosca would not be here, but I just told her, look how smart Tosca is! Do you think she would let two dumb pittbulls get the best of her? Tosca did her tricks for the kids and they were all happily convinced she is fine. Tosca, of course, is enjoying the adulation and all to happy to cooperate with the treats she has received from her admirers.

I only wish someone had taken a video of this altercation. The entire scene left people breathless and horrified. They expected to see a dead Collie, and truly, if it weren't for the guy with the bat, I don't think Tosca could have carried on that way for much longer. But the truth is, my Collie outsmarted two brain-damaged pittbulls. So let's hear it for brains over brawn.

I am still freaked out, but Tosca forgot all about it, it seems. She's the same jovial kid-loving Collie Ambassador she always was and the children who adore her cheered as she walked away from the pittbull death trap.

I'm not sad to say that the two pitties didn't fare as well. One of them has a concussion and possible hematoma, and the bat is no longer in service due to a head split. The other is in back pain. It also seems Tosca drew some blood. And to be perfectly honest, I don't care. I have pressed charges and the dogs will probably be confiscated as vicious, because that is exactly what they are.

As for me, I have some ugly scrapes and a huge dog nail scratch down the back of my leg. It's just today that I am feeling sore. But I'm okay. Thanks to my dog who put me first in the face of two pitbulls.

Thank you for my Tosca. I can never say it enough times. She saved my life and her own as well, because she just knew I couldn't live without her. I always knew I won the dog lottery when I got her.

This afternoon, Tosca is going to deliver a nice bottle of wine to the neighbor who cared enough to help a Collie out.

*** We later received a note that the two pit bulls were later euthanized. ***


Cowspotdog said...

What an amazing story - YEAH for Tosca!!! I must admit, it only adds to my dislike of pitbulls - which is sad as the dogs themselves are probably not bad but people who cannot handle them shouldn't have them.

Jans Funny Farm said...

All we can say is WOW! What a brave and agile dog Tosca is. So glad it turned out okay for her. She fared better than her owner did.

Mack said...

Tosca should be giving a bravery award!

Natasha said...

Wow, what a story! Glad that both Tosca and her owner are okay (at least nobody got seriously hurt!). It's sad that pit bull breeders have been so irresponsible in breeding dangerous dogs; pitties are a wonderful breed when bred correctly!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. Tosca is amazing!

Dawn said...

Wow. What an amazing and horrifying story! I'm glad Tosca and her owner are OK. But really, people that own big, potentially aggressive dogs need to get them trained, and learn how to control them.

Oskar said...

What a great story. Thank you for sharing it!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Tosca is so awesome! She is my hero! Her story is making my Mum cry but in a good way, and in a scared way! We are both very glad you are okay.

That is so horrible about those pitties. Their people should put locked up in jail furever!

Islay said...

Good on you , Tosca! What a harrowing story - I have read that collies fight that way, but have been lucky enough never to have seen it. I would like to see the irresponsible owners punished - they were the real culprits! (oh, and fyi I would never bring a gun into a dogfight, especially with a collie - they are too fast and the chances you would miss and hit your own dog are too high for my liking)


DogMom said...

OMG- I really have to check posts more often. Glad to know Tosca and her mom are ok. Dog fights like that are scary. Opie and Gomer were attacked by a Dobe at the dog park one day in 2009. Unfortunately, that one on my two was too much for them at the time. Gomer had escaped unscathed... he got the Dobe tho, which had his jaws firmly implanted in Opie's back leg. Opie just bit down in pain. Unfortunately his jaw was wrapped around my left arm at the time. After ER visits to both the vet and human hospital, we licked our wounds and went about life. The Dobe's owner was never found... he was euthanized 10 days later. Sad that the dogs (in both cases) were "punished" by death and the owners get off scott free.