Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Black Dog the Pirate

Avast yee Pupaneers and Collieneers, this is Black Dog the Pirate from Cayo Hueso.  Me and my first pup are here digging for buried treasure.  Gaze into my glowing eyes.  You will join us here for Pirate Day to help us dig.  You have no choice, you are under the spell of Black Dog.

Black Dog the Pirate circa 2008
Arrrggg, Doggies.  Cayo Hueso is the name the Spaniards called Key West, it means Bone Key.  That must mean there is a magical key that will take us to a Pupaneers dream of a vast stockpile of bones.  Argg, we have to find Cayo Hueso and the best time must be on Pirate Day.  Now you have to come back with me and help my first mate, the Sherman-nater.  We have to find Cayo Hueso.

Happy Pirate Day

Essex & Sherman


Dianne SS said...

Arrrr Key West Maties--we northern land locked pirates wish you good luck with your hunt for the lost key!!

Blue-Eyed Duffy and Peg Leg Dianne

How Sam Sees It said...

You make an awesome pirate!


Dawn said...

Arrrrr,,,back at you!

Unknown said...

Arrrrrrrrrffff, ahem Arrrggggg, (excuse my Canadian accent) room for a Princess on your treasure hunt?


Avast ye, Princess from the Great White North, we welcome you to our jollie crew Collieteers hunt for the Key.

Black Dog

The World According to Garth Riley said...

Now I will be looking for a stash of bones all over Key West!


StevieGrrrWonder said...


That devlish glowing red-eyed stare must've worked! lol

Hope the pirates didn't make u swab the deck, give u 30 lashes or make u walk the plank! lol :-)