Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Mask

We spent last night by ourselves and the Friday night last week too.  Dog Dad went in for a sleep study.  After the first one the doctor told Dog Dad he had sleep apnea.  Last night, he went in to be tested wearing a mask. 
The Mask
He will see the doctor later this week and will be on his way to getting a Constant Positive Airway Pressure machine, which is commonly called a CPAP.  We have a feeling he will look funny in it, but if it gives him more energy to play with us, clean up the house and take us on walks, then we are all for it.  We do like the idea of having an active Dog Dad. 

Dog Dad was tested for allergies too.  While he won't find out the results till Wednesday, we now know he is allergic to dust mites.  That means some changes in Dog Dad's sleeping den (bedroom).  The rugs are being moved to the living room and his Korean blanket is going to be taken off the bed.  Sigh, he will miss that blanket.  He is hoping this results int his sinuses finally clearing up after decades of congestion. 
Essex - Forever Vigilant
Sherman is Happy to See Dad
In the meanwhile, we will take care of him and guard the house whenever he is gone.  Then just like this morning, when he comes home our tails will wag and doggie kisses will follow.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Cowspotdog said...

We hope it helps - we have heard it does even if it looks a bit funny. We think our dad needs one too

Unknown said...

Your Daddy WILL be happier when he can breath and sleep.

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hope it all works out for dog dad. Keep him safe you all!

Dianne SS said...

When we first saw the title of the post, we thought it was about Jim Carrey's movie, The Mask! BOL!! Seriously though we hope the mask will help--people who use it report good things.

Duffy and Dianne

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StevieGrrrWonder said...

Sherman does look happy, and Essex is doing her guard duty so well. Hope the mask helps. Maybe I need one too. Ppl have told me I snore lightly, and as I've gotten older and a bit fatter, I caught myself snoring a few times when being woke up outta a sound sleep!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a plan you guys!

Unknown said...

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