Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Key, but Healthy

Alas, mates we had no luck finding Cayo Hueso.  We will try again next year, arggg.

However, Dad was picking up our dog poo and noticed strange white specs.  They reminded him of tiny grains of rice.  By paying attention Dad made a health discovery.  Good health is worth a lot more then Cayo Hueso.  Those little white specs were pieces of a tapeworm.  The next day Dad got two pills for each of us.  We ate dinner and Dad gave us our pills.  Mr. Tapeworm has crossed over to the dark side.

Dog poo can tell a story about the health of a pup.  So it is important to pick up poo, look at it and throw it out.  Picking up after your pup, the park is more sanitary and less diseases are spread.  Dad uses those little plastic bags or plastic grocery bags for doing the pickup.

Be Healthy Friend,

Essex & Sherman 


Dawn said...

Yep, that poo can tell a dog mom or dog dad a LOT about how our pupsters are feeling.

Cowspotdog said...

Good catch .....much as mom complains about being the official pooper scooper...she knows early warning signs can be found that way

Unknown said...

I have a bag dispenser on my collar but I'm still choked that the bears leave IT anywhere (I guess I'm more evolved). Glad you're OK and the pirates didn't make you walk the plank.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Haven't seen a tapeworm since disecting one in Biology lab. Yep, whole-heartedly agree pickin up poo is the best way 2 stop the spread of disease. Always pick yer poo up after u pinch off a loaf! How do u say that in dog-bark? :-)