Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Barks

Our cyber-paw pal, MTV, asked us if we sing all the time. His new brother Nicky (a male collie) sings constantly. MTV told us Nicholas has a high pitch bark for mom (a happy bark) and a deep bark for strangers (I'm keeping an eye bud). Nicholas sings every morning to wake up his hooman brothers and is the official "wake up puppy."

Well MTV, we are sorry to disappoint you, but neither of us sing very often. Dad has recognized several noises. Both of us have the low rumbling grrrrr, meaning “There is something going on that I don’t like.” Essex has a rapid repeating bark for fence patrol and home which means “There is something you need to check out” or “You belong inside my fence.” When we near the dog park she has a really excited and happy bark. Every once in a great while, Essex has a “Dad where are you bark.” You can just hear the question mark in that high pitched bark. We do not give Dad a high pitch welcome bark. He is a very calm person and we just come up to be petted and great him by going between his legs.

Deacon’s barks are harder to figure out. He has a “Come play bark.” Then he has one where he gives single woofs. Dad says he does that because he likes the sound of his own bark. Another noise is the "aroo roo roo" which is Deacon say "Pay attention to me."

Dad listens to Essex because she is a good watch dog. When she gives her alert bark at home it means a bicycle, skateboard or someone new going by our house. The funny thing is if we know a hooman we rarely bark at them. We identify our neighbors and don't bark at them.

So, what kinds of barks and noises do you make? Inquiring Collies would like to know.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon

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Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Key Collies,

I am proud to announce that I taught all the dogs in the neighborhood to howl. I usually only howl when there are sirens, but sometimes I howl when I am lonely. It is pretty funny when I get Duncan and Lily going too.

I also bark at storms. I can even bark away thunderstorms. I'm that good.

And the best thing I can do is growl bark while breaking the neck of my favorite toy, or Mom's favorite pair of boots. You see it is my job to keep everyone in line.

I also keep a no fly zone about my yard. No birds, planes or hot air balloons allowed.

We got a new foster brother last night. And he is kinda nice. He is a sheltie like me but he is so much smaller than me. He is a senior puppy, 11 yo. He has spent a lot of the time searching our house for his mom and dad. It is kinda sad, but they had to go into some kind assasinated living or something like that. At lease he didn't ever go to a shelter.

I'm going to post pictures soon.