Friday, August 8, 2008


We could not resist this title. It is the eighth day of the eighth month of 2008.

Imagine this, it is 2 AM Tuesday morning Aunt and Nephew decide it is play time. Time to run around, play growl, bit legs and clash teeth. Imagine doing it in a really, really dark room. Add in that Dog Dad is sound asleep. Well, we did that last Tuesday. The next thing we heard was a loud, low growl. We are not sure if it was a giant Kodiak bear or Dog Dad. We immediately went silent and tippy pawed out of that room. We swear you could have heard a flee jump a nano-second after that growl.

Great Uncle Bobby’s Mom e-barked us and told us how proud she is of us and that Bobby’s Wheels were donated to Kansas State University. His Dog Mom remarked how Deacon could have been Bobby's twin. Looking at the two photographs of Bobby taken in May 2005, we agree. She even stated that Bobby and Mac would even fall asleep at times belly up just like us. We do love it when Bobby's parents e-bark, they are part of our extended family now.

Late Great (Great) Uncle Bobby
Doesn't he look like Deacon's Twin?
Bobby sleeping on the job.
Bobby's best pal Mac

We miss Uncle Bobby but we are looking forward to our cousin coming to Key West. This picture was taken yesterday. So he is 24 days old in the photo. As you can tell, he is doing well, though none of our cousins look like Collies yet. There are four boys and one girl in the litter. We can’t even figure which one is the girl in the photo. Well, one of the five is coming to Key West to live with Dad’s friend. They just aren’t telling us which one. By the Great Dane, we wish one of them would spill the water bowl.

Cousins, which of you are coming to Key West?

Essex & Deacon


Cowspotdog said...

I think that pretty light sable at the top of the picture is the one heading your way, either that or the little lonesome one all by himself. Mom found a picture of pupster me with Roo and I have put it on my blog now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for are both so beautiful that I shouldn't face any trouble convincing Mercury to create a Collie clock:)

Good to know that you're going to have a new member in your family - all the pups look so cute (as cute as they can in the top-view:))

Lick n Wags,


Unknown said...

H-Mom and Man-Dad are talking about taking the motorcycle to Key West ... but there is no SIDECAR for Booker! He is desperately disappointed.

Islay said...

Are you getting all of the puppies? With even one I think both of you will have your work cut out for you! Humans don't quite understand, but there is a lot of responsibility for an older dog when a puppy joins the household! Have a great weekend

licks & slobbers


Oh, Charlie - Our cousin will be living with another family in Key West, just like Taffy lived with another family. We are so looking forward to having him visit.

Dad told us that while he would love have a dozen more Collies, he can't handle more than two on a leash.

Essex & Deacon

Mack said...

Uncle Bobby was a real handsome fellow.

Mom says the new pups are "precious"!

Sophie Brador said...

Collies! Maybe your dog dad is a Kodiak bear? You better take a close look.


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Momma loves puppy pictures. Is your cousin going blog too? That way we can watch he/she grow up into a beautiful collie just like you.

Princess Eva

Urban Smoothie Read said...

those puppies are lovely...