Friday, August 29, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

We are breathing a sigh of relief as Gustav will not be paying us a visit, but we are now watching Hanna. So Dad is still on edge. We are keeping our paws crossed and praying that every pup is safe. To those of you on the gulf coast keep an eye on Gustav. To those on the east coast please watch Hanna. We are looking forward to Dad's brudder, Stevie-grrr-Wonder arriving tonight to visit us this weekend. Hope he likes rain and a little wind.

Now for our ray of sunshine. In two to three weeks our cousin will be coming down to live with another family in Key West that is friends with our Dad. It will be good to have a relative in Key West, even if he isn't living with us. Best of all, it has been narrowed down to three pupsters and we have photos of the three. The pups are driving us nuts with this slow elimination game. They are woofing at us, "Essex and Deacon, guess which one." We are barking back "Just tell us. Inquiring Collies want to know."

Cousin 1

Cousin 2

Cousin 3

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Essex & Deacon


Unknown said...

We love Cousin No. 1 ... but OMGOSH how could you decide? We are watching Hannah as well. Hopefully she takes that squiggly path and turns circles on herself and then just peters out. At times, she has looked HUGE and we really don't need that!

Cowspotdog said...

I am with Booker - Cousin 1, there is just something about that face, that inquisitive look, there is character in that little adorable face. They are all so cute and would be so much fun to play with!

Mom says she saw on Accu weather that there is another three storms behind Gustov.......we were hoping that is would be a quite hurricane season for you guys but I guess momma nature has other plans.

Mack said...

Those pups are soooo cute!

Are you guys getting any rain from Gustav?

Looks sortof like Hanna will be going into the Bahamas, maybe (?)

We hope and pray everypup stays safe (and dry!)

Mack said...

Thanks for the update guys. My mom like to go to MSNBC storm tracker.
I didn't know you guys were having that much wind over there. Stay safe and stay COOL!

Pee(S): Mom is thinking about buying a generator - do you guys have one???