Saturday, August 16, 2008

Orion Rising

That is what Dog Dad calls this time of year, "Orion Rising." When we go on our o'dark thirty walks Dad will frequently notice Orion. That means lots of mumbling, the weather channel is on, the herricane sites are visited in cyber-paw space, bags are packed and a lot of praying is done.

We are not sure what we are going to do quite yet. There is a good chance we will be hunkering down in the house. To help in make a decision Dog Dad has several favorite herricane sites. Those of you in the tropics may find these of use:

- The Navy's Meteorology Home Page
click on "Satellite Imagery of Tropical Cyclones (TCWEB)"

- National Hurricane Center Home Page

- Jay's page o'hurricane images

- Weather Underground

- Hurricane Central - The Weather Channel

Dog Speed friends,

Essex & Deacon


Jake of Florida said...


We were talking about you at dinner. Do you have a place to go? have you hunkered down before?

Is there anything we can do?

We don't have much room -- but in an emergency,we could manage. Let us know.


Jake and Just Harry and Joen

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, we'll keep our paws crossed for you! Our kennels aren't the biggest, but if need be we could fit you in, guys.
Nah - Ma hasn't been on vaction, but that 'work' thingy that she does betweenh 9 and 5 got in the way again. We don't usually get snow here in New Zealand, at least not where we're living... too near the coast so there's always a fresh breeze that keeps the snow away. It does get pretty wet and cold though that's why the Good Shepherd has given us such thick winter coats. We need them!!!
Hugs and licks
Josh and Jess

Cowspotdog said...

Make sure to keep yourselves safe....will be keeping my paws crossed too. And make sure dad has a radio on.....the noise of the winds can be really hard on out ears so a little music helps that. Will be keeping an eye on the weather.

DogMom said...

We hopes that the KWC make it through hurricane season without so much as a scratch or heavy breeze...
Wuf Ya!

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Collies,

We're hoping Fay will blow over quickly, without too much mess.

We'll be thinking about you!!

Jake and JH

Mack said...

I'm with Miss Phillips!!

I hope you guys (& us too!) don't even have to think about evacuating this year!!
Have you ever sheltered in place during a bad storm? Did your power go out?
Let us know how you are doing.

Sophie Brador said...

Holy moley. I hope you guys are okay down there. If you need to run away to Montreal, let me know.

Unknown said...

Floridians and sailors know the real meaning of "hunker down." We are getting sheets of the rain that has already battered the Keys. No huge surge is expected so we are all thinking very safe thoughts about the quick passing of this storm. Then, H-Mom is hoping for NO MORE.

The teenage human very much is enjoying this little extension of summer break. School on Wednesday we are guessing, which makes a short first week. Publix was PACKED this morning. No one is putting up hurricane shutters though, so we will just keep an eye on the weather channel and keep checking the gallery.