Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Can See Clearly Now

We can see clearly now the rain is gone. It is a bright, bright sun shiny day. Dad took us out for a walk this morning and it was windy. His brudder, Stevie-grrr-Wonder, slept until after 9 AM. Gee, he sleeps so late, he should get up at 5 AM like when woke up Dad.

Last night you could hear the wind howling and the rain coming down. We couldn't see much because the windows were all boarded up. Dad kept us inside during the bad weather. We hope the storm weakens before it makes landfall, so all our pals on the Gulf Coast are safe and snug.

We did get some rain and blustery weather before in real came down. Deacon went outside and did a little excavation around the yard. Would you believe Dad and Stevie-grr-Wonder wouldn't let him in because of muddy paws. Dad even got the green monster out and had it spray cold water all over Deacon's paws. Just look at those paws, wouldn't your Mum and Dad let Deacon in their house.

Let me in Dad

These paws are pawfectly okay, right.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Cowspotdog said...

Them muddy mom would have a fit if I came in with those. The mom has been watching the weather....I get a bit bored with it all but she told me you guys are safe and that is what is important!

Jake of Florida said...

Glad you can see clearly...

Mom is supposed to fly to Tallahassee on Wednesday and is thinking of a hundred reasons why she doesn't want to be in a plane with left over and new winds!!

Love those muddy paws; good thing it was just the paws. We can't imagine how much energy goes into washing and combing a rough collie!!


Jake and Just Harry

Mack said...

I see you have a doggy door - don't you just love it??

We like to get our paws muddy too.

Weather channel says we might get some heavy rains toward the end of this week...
see ya,

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

hehe, look at your muddy paws!! I don't much like going in mud myself. Mummy didn't growl at me when I broke her teddy but she did say 'Ludo' in her unhappy voice.

Islay said...

Oh I looooove those paws! I like wind, too; there are always such interesting smells floating along on it!

Glad you escaped the hurricanes so far; I will keep my puppy paws crossed, but you know the world has gone all funny because of something the humans did with the dolphins I think, but don't take my word for it - I heard it on the human news!

Please stop by my bloggie because I have some awards for ou!


Urban Smoothie Read said...

nice muddy paws... time to give ur human a pawtography