Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Date with Fay

Our friend Tyler learned a very important lesson Monday.

Tyler’s Mom was playing with him and getting things ready for Tropical Storm Fay early Monday. As his Mom is getting things in the car one of the outer storm bands approaches. Tyler waits for the door to open and zooms out the door to his Mom’s surprise. She starts after him and calls his name, only to have her voice silenced by the wind and rain. She can’t see Tyler because of the rain. Tyler decides in his youthful exuberance to keep going in search of adventure. His Mom looks and calls to no avail. Tyler has decided to brave the elements and go on a date with Fay.

His Mom is upset, but knows she can only pray for Tyler’s safety. Tyler merrily romps around outside going farther from home. This rain and wind isn’t so tough, bring it on Fay he barks. So Tropical Storm Fay starts to rain harder, the wind gets stronger; and Tyler is alone and lost. Fortunately Fay was a short storm for us in Key West, lasting around seven hours and the winds not that bad here.

A dazed, tired, hungry, muddy and extremly stinky Tyler wanders into familiar area. It looks like home but nothing smells the same. Suddenly he hears voices and sees people. Tyler runs to meet the hoomans. They rinse him off with a hose and feed him pizza. Tyler greedily devours the pizza, crust, cheese and spicy tomato sauce. A friend of the people knows PJ and calls his Mom thinking it is him. PJ is home says his Mom, but she thinks of Tyler. She asks if the miniature schnauzer has a red collar. Yes says the lady. PJ Mom says I know the owner and will take him for the short while. She doesn’t have Tyler's Moms phone number though.

PJ and Tyler play and sleep together. PJ Mom removes several tics that decided to tag along during the date with Fay. Tyler pays for eating that spicy pizza. The next day Tyler is rejoined with his Mom.

Tyler is one lucky pup and must have had a dog-angel by his side. He is lucky that Fay was not longer and stronger like most other tropical storms. We did notice a slightly different Tyler at the park today. He tends to watch his hooman closer and not stray so far away. By the Great Dane, we believe he has learned a valuable lesson that we hope he remembers for a long long time. A wise dog once told us, dates with tropical storms and herricanes can be a fatal attraction!

Our paw-pal Tyler at Angel Paws today.

PS - Our cousin is now walking. Only five more weeks until Dad's friend can go pick him up. We did find out he is not the light colored one in the lower right. That one is the girl.

Five more weeks and we can't wait.
Dog Speed,
Essex & Deacon


Unknown said...

Lucky, lucky Tyler. We have met a lot of dogs who are "Wilma rescues" ... storms wreck havoc on direction, scent and visuals, and they are just UPSETTING too. We have to watch our dogs extra careful when they have more inclination to bolt during a weather upheaval!

Cowspotdog said...

I am so glad that Tyler made it home....that must of been very scary for his mom. The lawn people left our side gate open one day and it was too enticing not to go out.....but mom was frantic trying to find me....I don't why as I was quite enjoying myself.....humans can be funny like that sometimes.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...


you have been nominated for Post of the Month over at the Bone Zone - head on over and cast your vote :)



Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton:) & Congratulations on your nomination for the best post.

Opy told me that my blog was nominated for the Awesome Blog I went to BoneZone to check, and I realized that you'd nominated me. I am so honored:)

This was my first visit to BoneZone and I am not a member's not easy:(

Oh...just wanted to let you know, Mercury's been sketching again and I saw a somedog look-alike looking quite like both of you...there's of course a lead-time...a sketch may transform into a clock in a week/10-days or more...the good news is that she's discovered the list under my mattress:)

Will check your post too:)

Licks n Wags,

Jake of Florida said...

Hey -- good news and bad news all at once. We're letting out a sigh of relief that Tyler found his way home thanks to the Key West community.

And we're runnign over to the Bone Zone to see about your post.

Tatum Tot said...

Oh man lucky Tyler! The Mum says I could run off if I'm scared too, and so she's super careful. I could.. if I stop thinking and just get afraid. I'm glad Tyler got home okay and Fay left him alone!

Tatum Tot said...

OH MY GOSH I'm so excited you are getting a collie cousin! Where's she coming from?

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Me and mum are really liking blogging and getting to know other dogs through their blogs. :D

Mack said...

That was a scary story and could have had a really bad ending but thank dogness Tyler finally made it home!!

Those puppies are precious. (Mom's words) She says she wants at least one!!

Questdriven said...

Wow, what fun! My humans LOVES Collies. And Tyler was so lucky, wasn't he? Fay has been hitting us too, but we're in Georgia, so not too bad...